Wine pairing

"There are no wrong mataches." says Sarah Yue (Owner).
There's many simple and very savvy wine guide you can use. There no rules, to matching just a few guidelines.

Wine needn't be expensive or intimidating a corkscrew and a little basic knowledge are all you needto enjoy the fruit ofthe vine. "There's alway magical matches, start experimenting with different food and wine combinations and since we have the largest wine selection in Lea County, what better time to experiement than when you are enjoying an amazing experience at Pacific Rim.

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Wine list

  • Pinot Noir Ponzy$65.00 
  • Montes Special Cuvee$24.00 
  • Cakebread Cabernet$139.00 
  • Kendall Vintener's Reserve$25.00 
  • Caposaldo Moscato$30.00 
  • Maui Splash$23.00 
  • Dom Perignon$290.00 
  • Cavit Pinot Grigio$25.00 
  • Bogle$24.00 
  • Merryville Starmonte$57.00 
  • 2 Hands Angel's shiraz$60.00 
  • Dr. Loosen Resiling$27.00 
  • Cupcake Sauvignon Blanc$21.00 
  • Gewurztraminar$20.00 
  • 4 Vines Couvee Zinfandel$24.00 
  • Taylor 10yr Port$42.00 
  • Louis Martini$30.00 
  • Conundrum by Caymas$48.00